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Robert Frame has been with Serena Support since December 2004, starting as a support rep on Dimensions 9.1.0.  Prior to Serena Software, Rob spent 9 years as a Data and Business Systems Analyst in the Health Insurance and Software industry.

Dimensions Alert Regarding Possible Sequence Spacing Issue

 Serena Support recently issued an alert on our web site to address a possible Dimensions sequencing issue on Oracle databases around unique identifiers.  We anticipate only a small number of customers may be affected but it is important to take proactive steps to avoid future failure.  If your database is affected and not addressed, the impact may leave Dimensions unable to add new items into the library.   This problem can be avoided by following the simple steps outlined in Solution S140907 from our knowledge base.  If you have already completed this action following the alert posting, there is no additional action needed. 

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Serena Support - Case Severity and Case Priority

As a manager at Serena Software for the North America Dimensions and Version Manager Support teams, I’d like to share with you how a case’s severity and priority is used within our organization.

During the average workday, Serena Support receives 90 new cases that come to us over multiple avenues.  To help us organize these issues around the level of impact they are causing your business, we use two different categories of equal importance, severity and priority, to ensure we establish appropriate response times. 

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Tom Clement
Thanks Robert, this is really helpful!
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 10:10 PM
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