Important Notification to existing customers of PVCS and Dimensions CM regarding expiring certificates


On 25th February, 2017, certificates that Serena|Micro Focus used to sign Java applets provided by PVCS Version Manager and Dimensions CM expire


When opening the Web client for PVCS and the Web client or Admin console for Dimensions CM, if the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) displays a certificate acceptance dialog, there will be a an additional message on that dialog indicating that the certificate is still valid but has expired, similar to:

The certificate used to identify this application has expired.



To solve this problem, users will need to do one of the following:


  • Users of Dimensions CM 12.2.2,, 14.3.1 or 14.3.2 should install the updated applet files available from KB Doc P2787.
  • Users of VM 8.5.3 should install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004. This patch is available from KB doc P2786.
  • The recommended solution for users of older VM 8.5.x releases is to first install the VM 8.5.3 patch, available from KB doc P2757, then install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004.
  • The recommended solution for users of pre-VM 8.5 releases is to first upgrade to VM 8.5.0, then install the VM 8.5.3 patch and finally install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004.
  • If circumstances prevent you from installing VM 8.5.3 Patch 004, you can use KB doc P2788 to obtain a re-signed applet for VM 8.4.6 ComboHotfix 1 through VM 8.5.2.
  • Until the patch can be installed, you can do one of the following:
    • Add the server URL to the Exception Site List in Java Control Panel (Control Panel -> Java : Security)
    • Press "I accept the risk and want to run this application".


If you have any questions, please contact technical support.


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SSL Primer - Day 4 - Self-Signed Certificate

Self-Signed Certificate

Self-signed can be a contentious term.  Many would say a certificate is self-signed because it is not issued by a well-known certificate authority.  Well-known can mean VeriSign, Go Daddy or your company's certificate authority.  Using this definition does us a disservice because it complicates SSL/TLS language by using a practical definition instead of a technical definition. 

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Presentations from Micro Focus iChange2016

Firstly, my huge thanks to all those customers who presented and contributed to iChange2016 in Chicago.

With over 78 sessions delivered, we could not have carried this off without you. Thank You.

All Track content is now available for review and download and you may access it here:

U: iChange16

P: iChange16


Lookout for further follow-up, and upcoming product VUGs and DevOps Drive-ins.




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Wireshark or Netsh Trace?

Wireshark is often the preferred method of doing network captures. However, what if security posture will not allow installing Wireshark on a production server? In this case, we can use the NETSH TRACE command built into Windows. This command works on all Windows machines both client and server.

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Serena xChange16


Registration for Serena xChange16 is now open. The Early Bird promotions run through June 30th and I would encourage early registration.

The preliminary agenda can be found on the xChange16 website along with details on the optional training day classes we are providing this year. Please be sure to check out the Agenda and the 1 day Training classes that will be held on Sunday, September 18th. xChange16 runs from Sunday 18th September with our traditional welcome reception, through Wednesday September 21st. Customer Advisory Board Meetings will be held on Thursday, September 22nd.

This year we are back in Chicago at the newly renovated Renaissance Hotel on Wacker Drive, a terrific conference location. We very much look forward to helping our customers get the most value out of their Serena investments, with presentations and workshops featuring outstanding thought leaders, technical experts, customer champions and technology partners.

As a reminder, the Call for Speakers is open through June 30th, and if selected we are waiving the conference fee! This is a great opportunity for customers to contribute to what makes the conference so special – sharing experiences with your peers and as always, the best customer presentations will be shortlisted for a Serena Innovation Award.

I have overall Track responsibility and will be coordinating the Track content with the Track Leaders:

Business and IT processes with SBM: how you have used Serena's SBM platform to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your IT and Line-of-business processes - Dave Easter

ALM solutions with Dimensions RM & CM: how you have used Serena solutions to plan, define and develop applications, support development practices, and deliver quality deliverables - Don Irvine

Change, Release and Deployment: how you have used Serena solutions to automate release and deployment of applications - Julian Fish

ALM solutions with ChangeMan ZMF: your opportunity to show how you use Serena Mainframe solutions in your business - Al Slovacek

Enterprise DevOps: perspectives and insights on Agile and DevOps best practices - Mark Levy

We very much encourage speaker submissions which must be received by June 30th. Selected speakers will be notified in early June and their conference fee waived or refunded.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and engagement as we gear up for Serena xChange16 and look forward to seeing many of you there.


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