How to test GSOAP webservice call

We have all had that issue with the Repository or the Orchestration Engine being unable to get to the gsoap web service URL.  And, this is with all SBM components installed on the same server.  Why can't it get to itself?  Or in the case orchestrations, maybe we cannot figure out why the OE is unable to reach a third party web service.

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How to get json listing from SBM JSON Report in SBM 11.1 and above



SBM Aurora (11.1) had introduced authentication with both javascript and json.  The old method of using the embedded report reference link (tmtrack.dll?ReportPage&template=reports%2Fjsonlist.htm&ReportRef=TRM_DEPLOYMENT_PATHS.Deployment.Paths.By.ReleaseType.and.Applications&HasRuntimeParams=1&") does not work.




The current documentation (json_api_guide.pdf) example is not clear on the usage.  Use the new json api




JSON_P1 refers to the display name of the database table

JSON_P2 refers to the Reference Name of the Report (Not Reference Link)

Parameters such as F_TS_RLM_APPLICATIONS are located behind

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Create a Draft State in SBM - easier than before

A couple of years ago, a colleague of mine wrote a blog about implementing a Draft state in SBM.  This has been a common request and is quite simple to configure.  His blog here outlines how to implement a bonus capability with a specific button to "Save as Draft" instead of the user clicking a check box and then clicking ok.  From a usability standpoint, it is easier on users and flows better.

Since the time of that entry (2015) we have made significant advancements in SBM and now you can implement the functionality described in that article with a form action and not all of that complex JavaScript.  

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Line Item Creation - Insert Rows in Grid/Listing

The information contained in this blog post provides a way to implement a solution for line items on invoices, expense report entries, time entries or other ideas you may have that would require a user to enter a list of items with multiple fields per entry.

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Permanently Deleting Fields While in Development

I don’t know of an SBM administrator that has created a new workflow, created a field, deployed and then realized that they needed a different field type and now are saddled with an extraneous field in their system that they can never delete.  I have heard requests for the enhancement for years!

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