CM 14: Pulse Experts: The Ultimate Guide

CM 14: Pulse Experts: The Ultimate Guide


Expert chains allow for Continuous Inspection of deliverables and are able to generate metrics and findings regarding the changes submitted and assist in determining the health and quality of a change.


This Blog Post provides a useful starting point for investigating Pulse Chains in Dimensions CM 14.3 and 14.2




General Posts

Pulse Expert Chains




Technology specific blog posts

1 PMD        

2 Sonar Qube

3 Vulnerabilities     

4 CM Build 

5 Checkstyle

6 SDA       

7 Jenkins  

8 Kuiwan  

9 Build        

10 Halt on Failure & Script


                Plus accompanying KBTV video:




Expert Customisation Blog Posts

Create Custom Expert

Create Extended Custom Expert

Create File Scanner Tutorial


Dimensions CM 14.3 Pulse Reviews
Check list to help troubleshooting Dimensions 14.X...


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