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We have now launched four Dimensions CM Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) on Serena Central. We use SIG’s to engage with the community around specific areas of the product that we are developing. By becoming involved in a SIG you will be able to gain insight into and provide direction on how a feature is evolved.


The four SIG’s that we have just launched are:

LDAP Integration – How users and roles can be synchronized from an LDAP directory.

Agile Planning – Discussing how Dimensions CM can be extended to support Agile Planning practices.

Git Integration – Looking at how Dimensions CM and Git can be used together.

User Experience – Investigating how the Developer user experience can be improved.

The SIG’s are closed meaning that you will need to request permission to join. This is because the information can be sensitive and consequently access is restricted to existing Dimensions CM customers only. As a licensed Dimensions CM user, you are welcome and encouraged to request to join these SIG’s.

These SIG’s are just up and running now, so please be patient while we continue to build content, and by all means, please add content of your own. There will be further content added in the coming weeks, and we will also be hosting kick-off discussions around each of these subjects.

Any future SIG’s will be announced through the Dimensions CM Virtual User Group (VUG). The VUG is used to share product news and announcements as well as allowing you to hear from other Serena product experts, customers and partners and is also open to all Dimensions CM customers.   

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