Pulse Agile – Evaluation Tutorial

Agile – Evaluation Tutorial

What is Pulse Agile?

This is a new extension to Pulse introduced in CM 14.3, and allows you to plan and track the progress of requests being raised.

It allows you to do the following:


  • Organize requests into backlogs.
  • Execute requests in iterations.
  • View metrics.
  • Visualize and track the status of requests.
  • Manage the movement of requests between iterations.
  • Integrate with Dimensions CM request lifecycles.

This tutorial requires a Dimensions CM 14.3 installation that has the CM_TYPICAL base database installed on it.

The following work flow describes a very simple scenario, and does not reflect the full complexity of real-world practice. However, the emphasis on simplicity serves as a gentle introduction to the whole agile process.

The following steps are described in the attached PDF Document.


Step 1: Add roles 
Step 2: Create the Suite and Product 
Step 3: Configure Request Types 
Step 4: Create a Backlog 
Step 5: Create a Feature 
Step 6: Create a Request (Story) 
Step 7: Create an Iteration 
Step 8: View the Iteration 
Step 9: Update the request 
Step 10: Action the request 
Step 11: Review the iteration and action the request 
Step 12: Modify the remaining story points and close the request 


Click the attached PDF Document for more information.


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