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by Andre Beuth on March 30, 2016
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This Service Business Card Request process app allows you to order your Business Cards and track the request to completion. The user Data will be received from the SBM Contact Table, but the process allows to overwrite these data.

  • Order new Business Cards seems to be a simple process, but even in large organizations it’s going to be handled manually by email. In many times there are no clear responsibilities and approval steps defined, nor clear layout rules.

    This process app combines both.

    Execution workflow:

    Business Cards

    The forms have a crisp, clean layout, and are easily customizable for adding any fields that you need for collection additional contact data. Here is a sample of the forms:

    State Form:


    Submit Form:


    The process app needs to be related to the global application to make sure you can uses the contact and company tables. But you can easily integrate your existing tables to make use of your existing customer database.


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