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by Michael Fiala on February 24, 2016
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The Intellectual Property app helps you manage any intellectual property or enhancements created by your services team. It gives you an easy way to track, report, and search customizations that you provided for your customers, increasing reuse of useful code and reducing duplicated efforts.

  • Your services consultant has created a custom interface for one client. How do you make sure that this customization is available to other members of the service team?

    This Intellectual Property app helps you do just that by managing the intellectual property created by your services team. It allows you to note all of the custom creations in one location. You can mark the degree of reusability of this custom component. It may be highly customized for the particular client, so you mark the IP as less of a chance of being reused. Nonetheless, you still have access to this idea through the reporting and search capabilities of SBM. The IP item also contains customer information, allowing you to easily find any customizations done for customers, along with any special information that future consultants will need to know.

    The simple workflow allows you to evaluate the code to rate its usefulness and classify it accordingly so others can make use of the code.


    The forms are constructed to be simple and clear, following the standards used by the Serena Solutions team.


    This application can be linked with the other services process applications such as Product Exchange, Contract Execution and Service Development Requests to create a full services suite which allow you help your services organization to communicate more efficiently, with all information being tracked in one central location.

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