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by Erika Marwood on February 08, 2016
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Simple SBM Application to allow you to tracking meetings and action items.

  • Meeting Minutes SBM Application

    What is the Meeting Minutes application?

    The Meeting Minutes application is intended for use in recording meetings and attendees.  This application can be used stand-alone or connected to an existing workflow in your SBM installation..

    Workflows Included

    • Meetings
      • Simple workflow that allows you to schedule meetings, add action items, and capture meeting minutes
      • Adding a time based notification to alert meeting attendees of the date of the meeting, and a reminder are enhancements that can be added in your run time environment.

    meetingMinutes meetingWorkflow

    • Action Items
      • Linked from the main meeting invitation.  Allows for task assignments to be delegated during the meeting and tracked.

    meetingMinutes actionItemsWorkflow


    Meetings forms

    meetingMinutes meetingMinutesForm1 meetingMinutes meetingMinutesForm2

    meetingMinutes meetingMinutesForm3


    Action Item Forms

    meetingMinutes meetingMinutesActionItemForm1 

    meetingMinutes meetingMinutesActionItemForm2

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