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by Michael Fiala on March 08, 2016
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Product Exchange is a short two to three step process to track questions or problems across product lines that are asked internally. Think of it as similar to a Yammer post that is tracked and has metrics. This app can be used as a general knowledge base for any services organization.

  • The Product Exchange app allows your services organization to track their questions and problems in a simple three state process. Users can submit questions to have them answered by the team. The results are easily searched and managed for future engagements when this information may come back into play.


    What if the person already knows the answer to the problem, but thinks that it would be useful for everyone to know? The user can select "Yes" to the Submit & Close option, which requires a response to the question. The item is then automatically placed into the answered state.


    Product Exchange can be easily linked with your other services workflows, as well as with other SBM processes. You can replace the Products relational field in this app to point to your existing products or solutions table. You can also easily modify the categories to match what you need in your services organization.

    The process contains the streamlined state and transition forms that are found in Serena Solutions. These forms are easily customized to add any additional data fields that are required for your processes.


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  • Thanks for sharing. I nice, simple 'knowledgebase' app that could have endless uses.
    David Sheaffe Reviewed by David Sheaffe April 05, 2016
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    Nice App

    Thanks for sharing. I nice, simple 'knowledgebase' app that could have endless uses.

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