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by Michael Fiala on February 19, 2016
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This Service Contract Execution process app helps you to manage your service contracts by tracking them through the approval process to completion. This ensures that all necessary approvals have been received and that contracts have been completed successfully. If a contract is renewed in the future, you can easily access all of the details that was captured in the contract execution item.

  • The ability to manage your service contracts is paramount to any service organization. Were the proper approvals received? Who is the team responsible for this contract? Are their any risks associated with this contract? Do we need to update our quality assurance organization due to possible testing requirements for the solution?

    The Service Contract Execution app helps to track all of this information as well as other necessary information such as any discounts and statement of work. 

    The Service Contract Execution workflow determines the type of approvals needed based on easily configurable parameters, such as a price threshold that dictates when a contract requires executive approval. Here is a picture of the Service Contract Execution workflow:


    The forms have a crisp, clean layout, and are easily customizable for adding any fields that you need for collection customer or internal data on your service contracts. Here is a sample of the forms:


    The process app comes with a Company, Contacts, and Products table, but you can easily integrate your existing tables to make use of your existing customer database.

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  • For managing service contracts this does the trick. Awesome!
    Colby Viola Reviewed by Colby Viola March 07, 2016
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    For managing service contracts this does the trick. Awesome!

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