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by David Sheaffe on July 25, 2016
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This very simple application was created as an alternative to using Outlook tasks, a notbook or one of the hundreds of available on-line task management tools. 

  • The intention of this app is not be a replacement for more complex business apps like Defect Tracking, IT Management, etc but would be perfect for users who want a simple way to manage all the miscellaneous tasks that they may get asked to complete from time to time. 

    This app could be useful for teams to manage tasks between themselves, or an individual user who wants a method of recording and tracking tasks that might come from varying sources.  This app can be very useful using the existing Backlog view in Work Center, but of even more interest/value would be using this app in conjunction with the Kanban Board functionality that is available in SBM 11.1

    Users can create tasks for themselves, or someone can submit a task and assign to another user. It includes a simple workflow and a small number of fields, of which the key ones are:

    • Task Owner
    • Due Date
    • Interested Parties (a multi-selection field where users/groups that have an interest in a particualr task can be selected.  Any Interested Party, can view the task to check on status
    • Comments (a journal field for the task owner to record updates about the task)

     The State form includes a Form Action that will change the header panel background color based on the Due Date (It will be green if the Due Date is more than 14 days away, amber if it is between 7 and 14 days or red if the due date is less than 7 days).

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