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by Daniel Nolan on March 20, 2015
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This app addresses the process of approving travel requests, primarily when flight is required.

  • Business Problem

      Traditionally, approval for a trip would include printing off a document, filling out by hand and handing the document to a manager. Handling requests this way can often result in mishandled documents, too many emails and avoidable frustrations.


      Employees can use this app prior to booking their travel plans, or after the reservation was made but before it’s booked. Managers can review the employee’s justification quickly and assess the cost benefit analysis of the trip. Asking for additional information is made easy, allowing for a better understanding of the trip. As a result, the yes/no decision on the request is made much easier for the manager.


    • Quickly assess the cost benefit analysis of the trip
    • Managers can access requests away from their desks
    • Ability to request more information easily
    • Pre and post-trip cost overview

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