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I am a product owner in Serena Dimensions CM team. My team is responsible mainly for such areas of product as Version Management, Desktop Client (and related to it components), SCC and Windows Explorer integration, Migrations from other products to Dimensions CM.

I started my exciting Serena journey in 2006 as ChangeMan DS developer (C++/Java), later participated in the development of migrations from DS, VM, CVS and SVN to Dimensions CM (C++/C#). Then I switched to Dimensions CM team, worked as Team Leader and served the team as a Scrum Master, when we switched our processes to Scrum in 2008. Transition from Waterfall development model was not as smooth, just in 2010 we realized that 2 product owners were not enough for numerous Dimensions CM teams. That's when each scrum team got its dedicated product owner, thus I started my Product Owner's career.

I also wear a hat of Senior Development Manager, responsible for Ukrainian part of Dimensions CM Dev team.

Cherrypicking (Part 1): Comparing Cherrypicking with Regular Request Merge

Cherrypicking (Part 1): Comparing Cherrypicking with Regular Request Merge

Have you ever been in a situation where a fix applied to one stream was urgently required in another?

This often happens when a bug fixed in a future release is escalated and needs to be included in a patch release. Each patch typically has its own stream so you need to merge the fix from the feature or mainline stream to the patch. To restrict the merged code to the exact bug-fix you need to cherrypick the changes carefully.

Dimensions CM 14.1.x and earlier supports regular request merge but not cherrypicking.

Let’s see the difference in a simple example with two streams...

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