What’s new in Visual Studio integration in 14.4

In 14.4 release Visual Studio integration has seen a lot of improvement. The focus of the changes was improving usability, discoverability and modernizing the look.

Redesigned Dimensions Explorer

We’ve made significant investment into updating the look and usability of Dimensions Explorer, previously known as Serena Explorer. It’s a single place where you can read current solution state, access views and operations. It eliminates ambiguity and clearly displays current solution context.

Often used as a starting point to begin work, Dimensions Explorer provides hints and informs about next steps:


Themes Support

Themes are available in Visual Studio 2012 and newer, and Visual Studio integration views now react to theme changes on the fly.

Light theme

Blue theme

Dark theme

Integrated Peer Review Process

With Dimensions CM Pulse, peer review process is very easy. It is a powerful tool to review changes, make comments, view code annotations and collaborate. It is accessible from Visual Studio Integration with Reviews panel. You can switch between different display modes and work with reviews inside the IDE.


Reviews panel

Doing code review:

Repository Browser

Ever wanted to view repository structure? Easy to do with Repository Browser view. Navigate folders, view file content, and see who made the changes.

Repository browser

Better Requests View

Completely redesigned Requests view displays requests in a usable, easy to find way. Three view selectors allow switching between display modes. Type text in the search field to narrow down the list of requests. Search works for any of the visible columns. Its look and feel is consistent with Reviews panel, and it’s very easy to use.

Go from a request to a review:

Support for .dmignore files

New deliver wizard now supports specification of ignore rules via .dmignore files. Use context menu command to edit rules.


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Dimensions CM 2019 CABs Announced

Micro Focus is very happy to announce that we have secured the venues and dates for next years Software Change and Configuration Management Customer Advisory Boards. This is a free event that we are hosting for our SCCM customers of Dimensions, StarTeam, and AccuRev.

For 2019 we are very pleased to announce that we will be holding two events, one in the UK and one on North America.

Full details are noted below and please let myself and Jimmy know if you want to secure your place and we will follow up with full logistics.


Micro Focus Wood street office

2 day event on 5th and 6 of March 2019


Las Vegas

ARIA Resort and Casino 

2 day event on 15th and 16th May 2019


To secure your place at these events please contact myself clifford.hunter-gammon@microfocus.com and James.ORourke@microfocus.com.

If you have not attended an SCCM CAB before let me provide further details:

What is a CAB?:

CAB is Short for Customer Advisory Board.

A meeting between Micro Focus Customers and various departments within Micro Focus. This usually consists of the support team, product manager, R&D team and other customer advocates.

The meetings are usually 2 days long but recently we have added a 3rd optional day to facilitate one to one personal meetings.

The CABs are highly interactive collaboration between Micro Focus and it’s customers to help drive the future of the product, build a more personal relationship and also to provide additional value on the maintenance plans paid to Miro Focus.

Why have a CAB?

To often product decisions can be made in a bubble and without clear customer direction, Micro Focus wants clear customer direction on product strategy.

Benefit of meeting with many customers vs individual trips. Plus, customers love hearing from other customers as opposed to the product vendor.

CABs allows for PM, Dev, Support and CAM’s to interact in a more intimate setting rather than over email or web meetings.

Better insight and understanding about how your products are being used in the market place.

Relationship building.

Customers get to present their deployment of the product and the benefits it brings to their org.

Plus a host of other benefits including swag bags of branded merchandise, offsite dinners and Micro Focus exectives (VP level) will be in attendance. 

Hoping to see you at the 2019 CABs!

Cliff and Jimmy


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Using Araxis Merge in a simple parallel development scenario

Using Araxis Merge in a simple parallel development scenario

The following document describes the steps used that cover a standard parallel development scenario across two streams.



The attached document describes a practical 6 step scenario working on both the mainline and patch development and how Araxis Merge can be used to help assist the merge conflicts.


Step 1: Main Line Development (Version 1.0)   
Step 2: Work on a Branch Patch Release (Version 1.1)   
Step 3: Make a patch modification (Version 1.1)   
Step 4: Main Line Development (Version 2.0)   
Step 5: Merge the branch modifications into the mainline   
Step 6: Review the merge   

Please see the attached document for further details.

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Following the release of Dimensions CM 14.4, 300 Dimensions CM for Administrators has been updated.




This course update contains the following additions and benefits:




  • 14.4 features covered
    • Undo deliver
    • Pulse chains
    • Desktop Client driven Pulse Peer Review
    • PostgreSQL support
    • High-lighted product enhancements within the exercise and demo narrative
    • Pulse UI improvements and workflow
  • Focus on best practice scenarios:
    • CM: agile elements such as: streams, branch strategy and optimistic locking.
    • Deployment: Deployment Automation benefits over legacy deployment
    • Merging: Copy, Modify Merge and Araxis Merge Tool
  • Deployment technology update including DA and CM Deployment comparison
  • Exercise improvements: more real life role-play work scenarios, simplified procedures, added more verification steps
  • New separate module added: wrap up exercises now comes as a separate student only module
  • Content improvements: reformatting, improved layout and additional visual aids to understanding.
  • Naming conventions more real-world in addition scenarios and role play are more meaningful
  • Exercises have been expanded to include more verification steps to reinforce learning
  • Learning environment improvements: New updated server platform utilizing out of the box PostgreSQL database and DA Deployment Server with out of the box Pulse Experts.




More information can be found in the online Courseware Catalogue




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Dimensions CM 14.4 Overview

What’s New in Dimensions CM 14.4

This release has a number of new features and fixes. For a complete list of details for each of the fixes and feature enhancements, please review the Installation and Release Notes: Dimensions CM Release Notes 14.4

Below is a list of the High Level Themes addressed in 14.4:

Support for PostgreSQL:

  • Dimensions CM now supports PostgreSQL 10.x Windows and Linux only
  • Supported migration path from Oracle
  • Please refer to the documentation for installation and migration steps

Pulse Enhancements:

  • All new repository browser, allowing the viewing of content and history of the stream tightly integrated with review and chains feedback.
  • Enhancements to chains to support build, artifact capture and deployment
  • Improvements to search to ensure consistency and usability
  • Enhanced usability and visibility of change set health
  • Improved integration between requests and  reviews, and enhanced review notifications
  • Reviews now appear natively in Desktop Client, Eclipse and Visual Studio

Delivery and Revert Enhancements:

  • Undo Delivery – ability to roll back the delivery of files and folders to a stream or project
  • Ignore Items during a Delivery – support for “dmignore” across all clients providing the ability to easily exclude specific files, folders and file types during delivery
  • Revert from Work Area – remove changes in a work area associated with a stream and replace with previous versions

Desktop Client Improvements:

  • Significant enhanced responsiveness for Desktop Client views and navigation
  • Improved user experience allowing customization of what columns are displayed
  • Improvements to Project Merge and Project Compare

Visual Studio Improvements:

  • All new Dimensions Explorer allowing easy navigation across the Dimensions objects and actions
  • Support for Visual Studio themes
  • Enhanced requests panel to improve usability




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