Following the release of DA 6.2, 200 DA for Release Engineers  has been updated.

This course update contains the following additions and benefits:


  • New 6.2 features covered:
    • UI updates including Process Designer

    • Deployment Packages

  • End of module quiz assessments added:

    • Re-inforce learning

    • Provide additional group interaction

  • Additional lab exercise content covering:

    • Fail and Debug scenario  added

    • Improved UI navigation to harness UI improvements

    • Added Application Gates informationally and as a practical exercise

    • Added Pipelines informationally and as a practical exercise

    • Improved diagnostic checks

    • Limited step repeat scenarios – allow complex exercises to be completed more efficiently

    • Introduced systematic 15 point method for a new and fully functioning DA Application creation module

    • Deployment technology update including DA and CM Deployment comparison


  • Exercise improvements: more real life role-play work scenarios, simplified procedures

  • Content improvements: reformatting, improved layout and additional visual aids to understanding.


More information on the DA200 course can be found in the Course Outline.

More information on DA courses can be found in the:  Courseware Catalogue










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DA 6.2: Evaluation Tutorial - Deployment Packages

DA 6.2: Evaluation Tutorial - Deployment Packages

A new feature in Deployment Automation 6.2. Deployment Packages allow you to orchestrate a series of Application or Component Deployments within a single Deployment Package process.


The attached Evaluation Guide allows you to create a deployment package from scratch using some simple JSON Applications.


Step 1: Create the first application 
Step 2: Create the second application 
Step 3: Create a Deployment Package 
Step 4: Test and run the Deployment Package


See the Evaluation Guide for more details.


Please check out the related video.




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New in DA 6.1.5: Published Views tutorial

New in DA 6.1.5: Published Views tutorial

DA 6.1.5 includes published views to allow more advanced and flexible reporting on the deployments requests made:


  • Application process (view_app_proc_requests)
  • Component process (view_comp_proc_requests)


This guide takes you through installing and accessing the views using the three database technologies. It also contains fixes to the existing DDL scripts that were released with 6.1.5

The attached document covers the following:


Step 1: Install the published views 
Step 2: View the published views 
Step 3: Run a sample query 
Further Task 
Further Information



Download the attached document for more information.

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Introducing a brand new e-learning course, based on the latest cutting edge technologies in Deployment Automation . The course is recommend for experienced users who have participated in the DA100 and DA120 courses.

Course Goal

To provide a familiarity with the more advanced capabilities of configuring Deployment Automation.
The course is self-paced and takes about 4 hours to complete. Progress is bookmarked automatically, allowing the student to complete the course in multiple sessions.


Course Objectives


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

- Create a simplified deployment application and component that will be used as the basis for advanced configuration work
- Employ the log parse in the component process
- Design considerations – repository: codestation, artifactory plus alternatives.
- Create gate and create snapshot
- Customise security create users, assign access and test
- Employ switch logic in the component process
- Install and test a plugin, create accustom plugin
- Understand an implement post processing script
- Look at advanced debug options
- Describe and implement an application rollback
- Overview of some popular plugins
- Using command line and rest to access the DA repository

Course Content


The following modules are covered:

1.Getting Started: Create Hello World Application and set user permissions
2.Improving communication: Email notifications
3.Process Enhancements: Implement log parser, switches and post process scripts
4.Auditing and quality: using snapshots, gates and approvals
5.Retrospection automation: Rollbacks
6.SDLC-wide deployment: Pipelines
7.Extend the integration reach: Custom plugins
8.Advanced access and interrogation: Command line, database queries and REST calls
9.Advanced Trouble shooting, Glossary, Quiz and Wrap-up
  Course can be accessed from the eLearning site.
  Contact: education@serena.com for more details.


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DA Black belt certification is now live

DA Black belt certification is now live

Do take a look at the new Deployment Automation Certification module and test your knowledge of the building blocks of Deployment Automation.

In addition to the White Belt Qualification, and the intermediate level Green Belt Qualification , the advanced Black Belt Qualification is now available 


Green belt topics are intended to be applicable to resources developing and maintaining automations and the wider set of DA objects.


To qualify for the Deployment Automation White Belt, five badges must have have been earned.

To qualify for the Deployment Automation Green Belt, the white belt plus twelve additional badges must have have been earned.

To qualify for the Deployment Automation Black Belt, the white belt and green belt, plus thirteen additional badges must have have been earned.


The following is from the DA certification page


Your path to Deployment Automation certification begins by clicking the Get Certified button for the first level, the White Belt. The Each belt is awarded as you achieve the required number of badges, a badge represents a specific area of expertise within the Deployment Automation product or its related eco-systems. To receive a belt you must receive an 80% or higher grade on the related exam to progress. Basically the more badges attained the higher the belt, starting with White Belt, and then moving to Green Belt, and then to Black Belt. Once you have achieved each belt, you will be granted access to a printable certificate. To qualify for certification as DA Ninja Master, you must have already achieved Black Belt certification and completed a special project that will go through an appraisal process.


For more information take a look at the Black Belt Qualification page.

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