New On-Demand Course 3165: ZENworks 2017 Architect Academy:

New On-Demand  Course 3165: ZENworks 2017 Architect Academy:



In this course, you learn about the tasks required to evaluate a customer’s network environment, design a ZENworks solution, and then configure the initial ZENworks production implementation. You are provided videos, documents, and other resources to help you through the learning process. In addition, you are provided tools to complete your ZENworks Architect design tasks.






Modules included


The course currently includes the following key phases in completing the overall task of architecting and rolling out a ZENworks implementation:




  • Phase 1: Design the ZENworks System

    • Describe the ZENworks System

    • Access the Environment

    • Design the ZENworks System

    • Create the Strategies

    • Document the Design

  • Phase 2: Prepare the ZCM Environment

    • Create the Project Documentation

    • Prepare the Network Infrastructure

    • Configure the Network Environment

    • Acquire the Media and Certificates

    • Set Up the Appliance Environment

  • Phase 3: Install the Zenworks System

    • Install the Primary Servers

    • Implement the Satellite Servers

  • Phase 4: Update the ZENworks System

    • Plan the Zenworks Update Rollout

    • Deploy the Update

    • Perform Post Update Tasks

  • Phase 5: Upgrade the ZENworks System

    • Plan the ZENworks Upgrade Rollout

    • Deploy the Upgrade

    • Perform Post Upgrade Tasks



For more information and insights on the course, you can view it in On-demand by going to:


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NEW On Demand Course: Micro Focus Retain for Exchange

NEW On Demand Course: Micro Focus Retain for Exchange



Micro Focus Retain for Exchange provides unified archiving of all your Exchange email communications with access by end users and administrators directly through Retain's Web Access Archive Viewer. In this course, you are introduced to Retain administrative tasks such as Retain installation and configuration, installing the Reporting and Monitoring Server, and using Retain tagging rules.


Modules included

Installation and Basic Setup
Exchange Configuration
Exchange Module Configuration
Reporting and Monitoring
Job Setup
Installation Outlook Plugin
Import PST Archives
End-user Interface
Deletion Management


For more information:

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New course: Course 3182: Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server Administration

New course: Course 3182: Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server Administration

Introducing a new On-demand course now available in the Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server library.

Course 3182: Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server Administration is an On-demand course is designed to help customers develop the skills necessary to perform fundamental Open Enterprise Server administrative tasks relevant to their OES installation. The course is based on OES 2018.

On-demand Media

The following are the types of On-demand media included in this course:
•    Presentation Videos - Videos that present knowledge and tasks necessary to learn for the ZENworks Desktop Administrator role.
•    Presentation Manuals - We provide a PDF version of each Presentation video that includes the slides and narration in a convention, downloadable file.
•    How To Videos - Videos that show you how to complete a specific task (not provided for all sections)
We hope that this variety of learning media helps enhance their Open Enterprise Server online learning experience.

Course Sections

The skills for the course are organized into the following sections:
•    Section 1: What's New in OES 2018
•    Section 2: Install Micro Focus OES
•    Section 3: Update an OES Server
•    Section 4: Describe Linux User Management (LUM)
•    Section 5: Describe OES File and Storage Options
•    Section 6: Provide File Access with NCP Volumes
•    Section 7: Configure and Manage NSS
•    Section 8: Implement NSS Pool Snapshots
•    Section 9: Configure and Manage NSS AD Support
•    Section 10: Implement Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)
•    Section 11: Implement Dynamic Storage Technology (DST)
•    Section 12: Implement Distributed File Services (DFS)
•    Section 13: Implement NetStorage
•    Section 14: Implement Filr
•    Section 15: Implement Micro Focus iPrint
•    Section 16: Upgrade to iPrint for OES
•    Section 17: Implement Domain Services for Windows (DSfW)


More information is available on the Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server library.

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Simple 2 ½ Steps to On-Board New SSM Users

If you add a new user via the Admin interface, the user will receive an email like the one below. The problem is, the link takes them to the Request Center and they are somehow required to magically know how to get to SSM.b2ap3_thumbnail_Welcome_to_SOD.png

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Importing Users via Speadsheet

Need to add several users to SSM?b2ap3_thumbnail_upload-from-excel.jpg

Need to update several users’ info in SSM?

Skipped that typing class a lot in high school?


If you answered yes to any 2 of these, then you’re reading the right post.

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