New online training for Service Support Manager

New online training for Service Support Manager

Micro Focus Education is pleased to announce a new online digital learning course

SSM 100 – Service Support Manager Essentials

Course Features

• Developed with Micro Focus ART

• Self-paced, with tracking and graded exam

• Interactive software simulations with voice-over and closed captioning

• Online resources include exercise scenarios and process app workflows

Course Registration

$300 for online access for 1 year; Free for Micro Focus employees

Search for SSM 100 from http://www.microfocus.com/training or use this direct link:


Course Description

This course provides the concepts and skills to work with Service Support Manager (SSM) applications and to configure Service Request Center (SRC).

Audience/Job Roles

This course is intended for Service Support Manager (SSM) users and administrators.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

• Work with Incidents, Problems, and Change Requests 

• Configure and use CMS for asset management

• Configure and use SRC for service fulfillment


Course Topics



Module 1: Understanding SSM Concepts

·         Identify and explain SSM terms and concepts

·         Identify how SSM supports ITIL

·         Explain the functions and relationships between SSM applications

·         Identify the function of SRC

Module 2: Working with Incidents and Problems

·         Submit an Incident

·         Associate an Incident with a Configuration Item

·         Assign an Incident to a Queue

·         Escalate an Incident

·         Associate an Incident with a Problem

·         Assign a Problem to a Technical SME

·         Investigate and Resolve a Problem

Module 3: Working with Change Requests

·         Submit a Change Request

·         Assign a Change Request to a Change Manager

·         Perform a Risk Analysis

·         Link a Change to an Incident and a Problem

·         Approve a Change

·         Assign a Change to an Implementation Team

·         Publish a Knowledge Base Article about a Change

Module 4: Creating Configuration Items

·         Create a record for an Asset

·         Transition an Asset from Planning to the Acquired state

·         Link an Asset to a new Configuration Item

·         Transition a CI from Classification to the Active state

Module 5: Customizing SRC

·         Change the Service Request Center logo

·         Add a URL tab to SRC

·         Add a Service Request to SRC

Course Assessment

·         Test your understanding of SSM terminology and concepts


Learning Path

SSM is built and administered with Solutions Business Manager and uses the SBM runtime engine. It is recommended that the SSM student also attend SBM training.

• SBM 100 – SBM Essentials

• SBM 120 ‒ SBM for Users

• SBM 200 – Designer and Administrator

• SBM 300 ‒ Advanced Designer

• SBM 400 ‒ Orchestration and Scripting



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Removing SLA Reports from Work Center

When you purchase Serena Service Manager and Serena Request Center, you gain the ability to have SLAs assigned. As part of that functionality, we provide some metrics around that data.

Some customers have purchased Serena Request Center and are not using our Request process applications, choosing to use their own and simply using the Request Center for a Service Catalog. These customers oftentimes do not want to have those SLA reports available to their users in the Serena Work Center.

Those reports are driven by SWC_MENUITEM table in the SBM database. In order to remove those reports from Work Center, you can run the following query:

WHERE TS_TYPE in (19,20)

After running this query against the SBM database, you will note that those SLA Reports have now been removed from the navigation pane.

I hope this article helped you remove those SLA reports from the navigation pane in those instances where you are not intending to use them.

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Try the new SRC mobile client - even if you don't have SRC

Try the new SRC mobile client - even if you don't have SRC

Want to try out the new SRC mobile client, but don't have SRC?  Or you do have SRC but don't have a non-production instance to play with?  We've got you covered!

During the SRC mobile beta, we made a test server available to our beta testers.  To help out folks without easy access to an SRC instance, we've left that server up and running.  Just download the SRC mobile client from the Apple App Store or Google Play and connect to our hosted server using the following information:

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Add Link to External System on RC Portal

Did you know that you can add links to external systems on the Request Center portal? b2ap3_thumbnail_SSM_login2.pngThis provides a one-stop Web portal for users regardless of tool. 

I add links to other SBM applications and Serena solutions such as Dimensions CM.

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Customizing Request Center

Customizing Request Center

Here are some simple ways to customize the Serena Request Center by editing the wrapper.htm file.

  • file location Serena/SBM/Application Engine/template/shell/SRP/wrapper.htm

In this blog, I'll be adding:

  • A tab that opens the Work Center interface.
  • A link for providing feedback in the User Links section.
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