Add Link to External System on RC Portal

Did you know that you can add links to external systems on the Request Center portal? b2ap3_thumbnail_SSM_login2.pngThis provides a one-stop Web portal for users regardless of tool. 

I add links to other SBM applications and Serena solutions such as Dimensions CM.


For my On-Demand version of SSM, I add a link to the Work Center login page. That’s what we will do in this post but the steps are applicable for any external web page.


As admin, click on the Customize menu option then select Service Request Catalog submenu.  b2ap3_thumbnail_Customize.png
 Click on the +Service Request  b2ap3_thumbnail_ServiceRequest.png

On the right hand side, under Service Request Action, select Show external web page.

Then enter the URL.

For SSM On-Demand, you can use


That’s it!

You now have link to SSM from the Request Portal.





Be sure to check out Ryan’s post on customizing the Request Center even further and Pam’s videos on KBTV for more tricks.


SBM Composer Form Copy Demo
Work Center item popup positioning

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