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COMING SOON: SILK4J Scripting Essentials (SLK420)

COMING SOON: SILK4J Scripting Essentials (SLK420)

This new 1-day course has been developed as a fully-fledged Instructor Led Training course (ILT). The course includes progressive learning modules, including a hands-on lab experience to accelerate learning.

As well as developing a fully featured test scenario, learning is further enhanced and re-enforced through participation in a fully featured and expanded wrap up lab exercise and assessment.

Lab exercises are systematically themed, providing fully annotated instruction. Each module allows the student to build out live test scenarios that harness the major technologies employed in automated functional testing offered by Silk Test leveraged with the programming power of Java using the Eclipse IDE.

For more information on the course, see the following course outline.

New Course: Silk4Net C# Scripting Essentials (SLK4...
New Course: Silk4J Scripting Essentials (SLK420)


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