Coming Soon: Silk Central advanced configuration and administration

Coming Soon: Silk Central advanced configuration and administration


Course Description

To provide advanced and administrative concepts and skills for Silk Central.


Audience/Job Roles

This course is for those persons who will administer configure and use Silk Central.


Course Objectives

This course provides the concepts and skills needed to:


·        Perform and understand Instance Administration, System Administration and Project Administration

·         Understand the access management concepts at a project and cross project level

·         Perform project setup and configuration

·         Create and understand baselines, custom attributes and filters

·         Understand how Issue Management workflows can be configured

·         Describe an overview of the different 3rd party integration categories available

·         Perform an integration with Git and Jenkins

·         Describe the various reporting mechanisms available

·         Describe report template, subscriptions and configure the Dashboard panel





·                 Developed with Micro Focus ART

·                 Self-paced, with tracking and graded exam

·                 Interactive software simulations with voice-over and closed captioning

·                 Online resources include exercise scenarios, based on a a full workflow from requirements through to reporting

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