Custom Work Center Themes in SBM 11.6

You can now customize Work Center Themes for your users in SBM 11.6. This new feature lets you create a theme for Work Center that incorporates your specific color palette and apply it as the default for your users. You can even import and export themes between SBM environments.

Let’s take a look at how to set this up. In Application Administrator, go to Work Center Settings | System Settings. By default, SBM provides two predefined system themes that you can choose from: Modern Blue and Modern Sand.

To create your own custom theme, you can base it on an existing theme. In this example, we’ll base it on Modern Sand:

There are a few ways to work with your Work Center Colors. Below on the right, I clicked in an area of the Work Center preview image. The color specification for that area opens, where I can change the color’s hex value or its hue, saturation, and luminance values.


The color is also highlighted on the left in the color groups, which I’ll talk about a little later.

You can continue clicking in areas of the preview page and changing colors as you go along. There is a separate preview page for views, reports, and items.

On the left, the colors are grouped together by visual appearance. When I selected a color in the preview, the color was also selected on the left. This also works when I select a color in the color group—the area in the preview where the color is used is highlighted. Even if the color is in on a different preview page, the preview will dynamically change to that page and highlight the area.

You can increase or decrease the number of groups by using the slider. Now, there are fewer colors in each group. 

One advantage to using color groups is that you can designate a primary color for each group. When you change any value of the primary color, it automatically affects all the colors in the group. This enables you to quickly change multiple colors at once while keeping them in the same color family. 

So, the color groups provide another way to specify your theme colors. You may find that using a combination of the color groups and preview pages is the most effective way to make your theme just right.

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