Dimensions CM 14.4 Overview

What’s New in Dimensions CM 14.4

This release has a number of new features and fixes. For a complete list of details for each of the fixes and feature enhancements, please review the Installation and Release Notes: Dimensions CM Release Notes 14.4

Below is a list of the High Level Themes addressed in 14.4:

Support for PostgreSQL:

  • Dimensions CM now supports PostgreSQL 10.x Windows and Linux only
  • Supported migration path from Oracle
  • Please refer to the documentation for installation and migration steps

Pulse Enhancements:

  • All new repository browser, allowing the viewing of content and history of the stream tightly integrated with review and chains feedback.
  • Enhancements to chains to support build, artifact capture and deployment
  • Improvements to search to ensure consistency and usability
  • Enhanced usability and visibility of change set health
  • Improved integration between requests and  reviews, and enhanced review notifications
  • Reviews now appear natively in Desktop Client, Eclipse and Visual Studio

Delivery and Revert Enhancements:

  • Undo Delivery – ability to roll back the delivery of files and folders to a stream or project
  • Ignore Items during a Delivery – support for “dmignore” across all clients providing the ability to easily exclude specific files, folders and file types during delivery
  • Revert from Work Area – remove changes in a work area associated with a stream and replace with previous versions

Desktop Client Improvements:

  • Significant enhanced responsiveness for Desktop Client views and navigation
  • Improved user experience allowing customization of what columns are displayed
  • Improvements to Project Merge and Project Compare

Visual Studio Improvements:

  • All new Dimensions Explorer allowing easy navigation across the Dimensions objects and actions
  • Support for Visual Studio themes
  • Enhanced requests panel to improve usability




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