New Course: Dimensions CM 14.5 Essentials

New Course: Dimensions CM 14.5 Essentials


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May 1, 2019

New Course Announcement:


DCM240 – DCM 14.5 Essentials


Micro Focus Education is pleased to announce the release of its newest offering within the ADM portfolio.

·         Developed with Micro Focus ART

·         Self-paced, with tracking and graded exam

·         Interactive software simulations with voice-over and closed captioning

·         Online resources include exercise scenarios and process app workflows

·          For more information access the Course outline or register HERE



Training Type:

Digital Learning


3 hours


This course is recommended for Dimensions CM (DCM) users and administrators.


This course provides the concepts and skills to work with major new themes and functions in DCM 14.5, Topic Streams, Shelves, Pulse Agents. It includes standard workflows descriptions and best practice. This course covers the following areas: Topic Streams, Pull Requests, Rebasing, Rehoming, Code Reviews, Peer Reviews, Basic and Advanced workflows, Pulse Agents, Agent Capabilities, Agent variables.

Learning Path:

Dimensions CM offers a comprehensive and integrated platform to manage, change, versions, builds, deployment, process for both waterfall and agile development methodologies.

  • DCM 100 ‒ DCM Essentials
  • DCM 120 – DCM Admin Essentials
  • DCM 200 ‒ Dimensions CM for Developers
  • DCM 240 ‒ Dimensions CM 14.5 Essentials
  • DCM 300 – Dimensions CM for Administrators
  • DCM 320 -  DCM advanced administration and configuration

Registration URL:


DCM240 – Modules and Learning Objectives



Module 1: Basic Topic Streams

·         Describe Topic Streams

·         Understand Pull Requests

·         Know what a rebase of a stream accomplishes

·         Know what a rehoming of a work area accomplishes

·         Follow a basic topic stream workflow

Module 2: Advanced Topic Streams and shelving

·         Describe Shelves

·         Consider use cases for shelves

·         Understand code reviews

·         Describe how pull requests implement code reviews

·         Understand how topic streams and shelving work together

·         Explain conflicting and non-conflicting merge strategies

·         Follow an advanced topic stream and shelving workflow

Module 3: Pulse Agents

·         Describe Pulse Agents

·         Install a Pulse agent

·         Connect the agent to the server

·         Describe capabilities and how they can be used with Agents and Chains

·         Describe variables and how they can be used with Agents and Chains

·         Configure a Chain to run on a specific Pulse agent

·         Execute the Chain on a Pulse agent


For more information access the Course outline or register HERE


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