SLAs with SBM Notification Engine

Starting in SBM 11.6, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) feature has been enhanced to use the standard SBM Notification Server engine instead of the SLA engine. This means that you can configure an SLA action using the familiar notification UI, with most of the notification options now available to you.

For example, let’s say you want to notify the current owner of an item when that item is at risk for violating an SLA. To set this up, assume that you’ve already created an SLA and any applicable clauses. Now, add the action for a clause using a When condition such as the following:

(When: 5 minutes before Medium risk)

After you’ve specified the When condition and saved the action, it’s time to create the notification. Click the add icon:

From here, you will notice the options are similar to creating a standard notification. Fill out the form as shown, and then click the + icon to create the condition: 

This is where you designate the current owner of the SLA item to receive a notification. Set the condition as shown:

Owner Is Equal To (Current User)

After saving the condition, you can return to the SLA action and review a summary:

Don’t forget to subscribe users to this new notification. They will now be notified when their items are at risk of violating an SLA.


NOTE: If you are upgrading and have existing SLAs, you can switch to the SBM Notification Server engine by removing the current SLA notification rules and then re-adding them. 


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