Submit a New Item from Chat in SBM 11.6

In SBM 11.6, users can submit work items from within a chat session. 

An administrator must set up and configure ChatOps with SBM in order to use the Chat feature in SBM.  Note that we simplified the process by including ChatOps with SBM in 11.6.  This means an admin can now configure ChatOps on a Windows server running SBM, start the ChatOps services using SBM Configurator, and then finish the set up using Application Administrator. 

Once ChatOps is configured, users can click Open Chat from the Actions menu on a work item. 

Here’s how you submit an item from within a chat session:

Type either:

@sbm-bot submit item


@sbm-bot submit item into projectName

If you decide to provide the project name, you can enter the full name or just a part of the name.  The chat bot will prompt you to select which project to use if there are several matches. 

For example:

After you select the project, you are prompted to complete any required fields.  For selection fields, up to 30 selections are displayed.  If you don’t see the selection you want, try typing it instead. 

After you finish providing the required values, click Submit to confirm:

It’s that easy.  Now you can chat with team members about a work item and submit a new one without even leaving the chat session.  


Coming Soon: Silk Central advanced configuration a...


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