Test Connection to Server Endpoint

Imagine that you are testing a connection to server during setup or that an endpoint that was previously working no longer works.  You know that the server is beyond a firewall, but it should be off.  But then again, you have the server firewall, as well as, the hardware firewall or proxy.  Add to the configuration complexity the fact that the error message returned is cryptic at best.  What can we do?

You used to use telnet to test a connection, but Windows Servers/Workstations no have it installed by default.  What can we do?

Use PowerShell.  Here are the steps to test your connection to your LDAP server (myldap.company.com), for instance. 

Open PowerShell on your Windows Server.
Type: $TCPClient = New-Object -TypeName  System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient
Press enter.
Type: $TCPClient.Connect('myldap.company.com',389)
Press enter.
Type: $TCPClient.Connected
Press enter.
If the last command returns True then you have successfully made a connection.  If it returns nothing then you have not made a connection.
Now close your connection.
Type: $TCPClient.Close()
Press enter.
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