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Using Composer Application Variables to display a Workflow or Process App version on a Custom Form


I wanted to have the version of the workflow / process app visible to end users so that we could log enhancement requests / defect tickets against a particular version.  The value needs to be displayed on all custom State forms.  The obvious solution seems like using a text field.  I could over-ride the field in App Admin with the version information which would be displayed in that field on a form.  However, in this case I didn’t want to “waste” a field for this purpose.  I also didn’t want to confuse users who create their own reports with something not related to their work.  As an experiment, I settled on using an Application variable tied to an existing text field.  The contents of my project-level application variable would be independent from the contents of the text field on each ticket.

NOTE: This example uses SBM 11.1 and may utilize functionality not present in previous versions of SBM.  Your mileage may vary, and all the other usual disclaimers.



In Composer I created an Application Variable tied to the Title field. I used that field because it’s a fixed length text field.  The name of the application variable is "appvar_Version".  See Figure 1.  If you’re familiar with Application Variables you might think this will mess up any Rules that reference the Title field.  Fortunately, that’s not the case.  Apparently, multiple Application Variables may be associated with the same field.  A Rule picks any one of those variables to use when comparing against the field’s value.




At the top of each form that needs to display the version I added a Text Control.  See Figure 2.  


On the "Refresh" tab of the Text control I set the "Display Text" to "Process App Version: {%appvar_Version}" and set it to refresh "On Load".  See Figure 3.  When the form is displayed, SBM will replace the text "{%appvar_Version}" with the value of the Application Variable (which will be set in Application Administrator). 


After deploying this, I went to the App Repository and viewed the Process App to get the Version ("12") and Label ("3.8").  Then, using Application Administrator, I opened the Project and selected "Details", opened the "Variables" section then viewed Details for the Application Variable I had defined in Composer.  I changed the setting of the Application Variable to a formatted version of those values ("12:3.8") and saved.  This is the value that appears in the form.  See Figures 4 & 5.





This solution allows SBM custom forms to display a Process App version which:

  • Doesn’t consume an SBM field
  • Doesn’t impact Composer Rules
  • Is readily modifiable 
  • Isn't tied to a particular system or environment 

This makes it valuable for multiple SBM environments that may have different versions of a Process App (Development, Test, UAT, Production.)

This technique might be expanded on for other functionality.  I encourage you to use and experiment!




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