Parallel Approvals

Parallel Approvals

Use Case:

CAB or Change Advisory Board – each person on the CAB must respond and either Approve or Reject the Change.


There are two ways to go about implementing this functionality.  In the past, before orchestrations, we used TeamScript/AppScript to perform the behind the scenes processing.  Unfortunately with AppScript, you can only set the state value and not actually perform a transition, so the change history ends up showing an update.

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SBM Email responses - Transition via email buttons

Since the beginning, SBM has offered email notifications to alert users of things happening within the workflows that they are involved with. And for about as long, users have been asking for the ability to directly take action from within the email itself.  Over the years, the Serena Services and Field organizations have delivered this capability using various forms of customization, none of which were ideal and most of which involved TeamScripts/AppScripts which were challenging for customers to modify and maintain.

With the release of SBM 10.1.3, this functionality is now available out of the box, and setting it up is straightforward and requires no scripting or customization.  There wasn't a lot of fanfare around this feature, and many customers don't realize that they have it available to them.  This post will walk through setting this up, and an example of what it looks like.  

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Tom Clement
Thanks Steve, this really brings it together. Thanks for posting this. Tom
Sunday, 22 March 2015 9:09 PM
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