Dimensions CM Build getting started tutorial

Dimensions CM Build getting started tutorial

The purpose of this document is to create a one-stop, fully detailed 12-step Dimensions closed-loop  Build Environment that will build a simple target and capture the result back into Dimensions. A compiler is not required to perform the build, as the native OS copy command will be used to mimic a simple compile.


The steps to create the build environment are listed below


Step 1: Create the Work Area Simple_Build_area

Step 2: Create a new stream to hold the Build Project

Step 3: Create the source file and add it to Dimensions

Step 4: Create the Build Configuration: SIMPLE_BUILD 

Step 5: Define the Target for the build

Step 6: Define the source for the target

Step 7: Define the input for the target

Step 8: Attach the Work Area

Step 9: Check in the Build Configuration

Step 10: Run the Build 

Step 11: View the Captured target

Step 12: View the captured target in Web Client


See the PDF Document on the Knowledgebase for further details.

Also feel free to view the accompanying KBTV video.



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