CM Bridge: Getting started with the Subversion commandline client

CM Bridge: Getting started with the Subversion commandline client

Dimensions CM Bridge is a connector between a Subversion enabled client and a CM server that enables:

• Your development tools to talk to a CM repository instead of Subversion.
• Development teams familiar with Subversion to continue using their existing IDEs and tools with the additional benefits of Dimensions CM.
• Dimensions CM to be used with IDEs that do not have a "native" integration with CM but do support Subversion.

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vandana sharma
Great post, really helpful.
Sunday, 03 December 2017 6:06 AM
Paul Caruana
Thank you Vandana.
Monday, 04 December 2017 7:07 AM
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DM Commands for Streams

b2ap3_thumbnail_computerScreen.pngDimensions CM provides a variety of interfaces to its repository. Users will commonly have two at their disposal with one being the favorite.

One of those favorites is the command-line. Dimensions has always had a command-line interface, but did you know that it provides two?

The Developer Command-Line provides a set of functions designed specifically for streams.

To use the Developer Command-Line interface, you need to invoke an executable called DM.

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