New course: Dimensions CM 320 Advanced Administration and Configuration

New course: Dimensions CM 320 Advanced Administration and Configuration


Introducing a brand new e-learning course, based on the latest cutting edge technologies in Dimensions CM 14.3. The course is recommend for experienced users who have participated in the CM200 and CM300 courses.
Course Goal
To provide a familiarity with the more advanced capabilities of configuring Dimensions CM.
The course is self-paced and takes about 4 hours to complete. Progress is bookmarked automatically, allowing the student to complete the course in multiple sessions.

Course Objectives 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Understand three major performance degraders and how to address them
- Describe Continuous Integration plus Continuous Inspection and its benefits
- Describe CM Build, plus alternatives: Dm_make, Maven, Jenkins
- Understand the two Jenkins CI integration options available
- Describe an overview of API offerings, including typical usage scenarios
- Understand report concepts, reporting options, published views
- Understand users inbox notifications
- Describe email notification event
- Describe a remote job and the templater
- Understand the job scheduler
- Understand what the Java API can achieve
- Describe how to access the Java API documentation (Javadoc)
- Understand the Eclipse Plugin and what it achieves
- Describe the Eclipse plugin functionality
- Complete wrap-up module including quiz

Course Content

The following modules are covered:

1. Performance tuning
2. Build Automation
3. Continuous Integration
4. Event Triggers and APIs
5. Reports
6. Mail notification
7. Remote jobs, scheduling and deployment scripts
8. Java API
9. Eclipse plugin
10. Glossary and Quiz
 Course can be accessed from the eLearning site.
 Contact: for more details.

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Jenkins plugin getting started tutorial

Jenkins plugin getting started tutorial

The following implementation is an alternative to using Jenkins CI with Jenkins if it is not possible to use Pulse. The plugin represents a simpler less feature rich integration.

For more information on the Pulse implementation please refer to Pulse experts: Running the Jenkins CI expert.

The following PDF document serves as a comprehensive introduction to using the Jenkins plugin and covers the following:

  - Install Jenkins against an existing Tomcat installation
  - Configure to run with Dimensions CM
  - Install the Plugin
  - Create a Jenkins Project
  - Integrate the Jenkins Project with a CM Project/Stream
  - Extend to produce a closed loop build

See the PDF Document for more information.

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