Getting Started with SBM Composer

Getting Started with SBM Composer


Composer is the visual designer for Serena Business Manager you use to define the data and workflows automated by SBM. In this blog post we'll step through the creation of a simple process app, demonstrating and discussing various aspects of the Composer as we go. While there will be plenty of subjects not covered, following the steps outlined in this post should give you a good start on understanding how to design workflows using SBM Composer.

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Managing SBM Selection Values Using a Spreadsheet

Do you have single or multi-selection fields that you need to add or maintain using SBM Composer?  If you're only working with a few values, it's easy to create, update, reorder and delete them in the selection fields property editor using the command buttons, in-place editing and keyboard shortcuts (see the "Selection Field Shortcut Values" topic in Composer help).

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Thanks for the post. Good hints to recognize better data control.
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How to Create Data Dictionary Reports for your SBM Tables

How to Create Data Dictionary Reports for your SBM Tables

Have you ever needed to create a 'data dictionary' listing fields and their associated properties in your SBM tables?  SBM Composer provides a powerful and flexible way of obtaining this information in a spreadsheet format. 

Beginning with SBM version 10.1, every list in Composer can be exported to a comma separated value format file by using the Export... context menu command.  Since the table editor contains a list of fields and corresponding properties, the trick is to configure the table editor to display the properties you are interested in, then export it to a .csv file. To achieve this, take the following steps.

  1. Include the End-user help text for each field by right clicking on any field in the table and making sure the Show Details option is chosen:
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