Dimensions CM Git Connector EXTENDED Getting Started Tutorial

Dimensions CM Git Connector EXTENDED Getting Started Tutorial

The Dimensions CM Git Connector allows for disparate Git repositories to be bought under a centrally controlled highly secure repository by storing code into Dimensions CM streams.




Extended Tutorial


This tutorial will cover a typical multi-developer merge scenario using the Git Connector.


The attached PDF document covers the following steps:



Step 1: Download and Install Git

Step 2: Configure Git

Step 3: Clone a stream using the Git Connector

Step 4: Modify the existing repository

Step 5: Add the new file and commit the changes to the Git repository

Step 6: Use the push command to commit Git changes into Dimensions CM

Step 7: Make another change in the Git repository but do not push it back to CM

Step 8: A second developer delivers a modification to the stream

Step 9: Use the push command to attempt to commit the Git changes back into Dimensions CM

Step 10: Resolve the conflict by performing a git-dm pull

Step 11: Review the changes and deliver the merged Git repository into CM Debug information Further Information


Click the attached PDF document for more information. 

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Joel Morris
Very useful. Thanks for adding the second use case! What happens if an engineer makes several changes/commits into his local repo... Read More
Monday, 22 January 2018 6:06 PM
Paul Caruana
Hello Joel glad it was of some help. I am afraid I have not tested this scenario, however I can only imagine the latter scenario w... Read More
Tuesday, 23 January 2018 8:08 AM
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