A Journey Down Memory Lane with Dimensions CM

Today is my 15 year anniversary with Serena. WOW! A lot has changed during this time. 



Before joining Serena I was a customer. (actually it was Merant; Serena acquired Merant in 2004). I worked for a defense contractor in the Washington DC area managing the software CM department. My very first task with this company was to move them off their outgrown, homegrown system to a COTS system.

Did I mention that I knew diddly squat about proper CM much less anything about overseeing the department? But having worked as a developer for another large defense contractor, I had firsthand experience of what life was like when things went wrong. Spent way too many late nights tracking down the elusive change that somehow didn’t make it into production.

So I used that experience as a guide into this new adventurous dark side—Change and Configuration Management. I remember the developers at my new job always got quiet whenever I entered their space. Like I was some evil person. In fact, one of the developers said to me, “you’re here to make my life harder.” Being the sweet, gentle person that I am (cough! cough!), I replied “just the opposite, I was hired to make your life easier.” I was convinced that I could convince him to see the value of good CM practices. Yea, right. 

So I took a two pronged approach. First and most importantly, I involved the developers in the evaluation process. I brought in the top three market leaders and asked the developers to help me in the selection. Dimensions came out as the winner and so began my journey with Dimensions CM.

Oh, and the second prong…..I joined their softball team. Figured I would show them that folks in the CM department are human beings too. We’re not evil, control freaks. Okay, maybe just not evil. :-)

Oh, life was simple then. I didn’t own a cell phone. Work actually had to page me after working hours. I know some of you reading this remember those days.

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Lee Lewell
Great article Rose and congratulations on 15 years!
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 3:03 PM
Rose Wellman
Thanks Lee. It's gone by fast.
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 6:06 PM
Gary Donnelly
I have a PCMS Dimensions 6.0 t-shirt. I think it's mostly rags now.
Tuesday, 26 May 2015 10:10 PM
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