Which User Interface (Shell) are my SBM End Users using?

Which User Interface (Shell) are my SBM End Users using?

Information on which interface your users are using is logged in the Active Diagnostics MongoDB database (SBM Logging Services). Please follow the instructions below to be able to use this information. There is a short video that takes you through step by step available here - Video.

(1)    You need to ensure that (a) the SBM Logging Services is started via Configurator on the server that it is installed on and (b) that the Authentication/Licensing Runtime Configuration is a minimum of INFO.





(2)  To look directly into your Active Diagnostics database you can install the freeware MongoVUE on the server hosting Active Diagnostics. Alternatively, you can “Collect Log Files” in Configurator and take the following file from the zipped logs and diagnose separately - ConfigUtility.mongodb-dump.sbm.diag.bson

(3)  Configure MongoVUE as below where the password is “sbm” in lower case. These are default values.

(4)   The select sbm>Collections> diag. Go to the Table View and select Find (see below for filter criteria.



(5)    When you have selected Find, you can Enter Find Criteria. These are JSON format. The below will give you details of UserId’s and the user interfaces that they are using from a specific time. You can adjust as needed.

Find Criteria: {Shell: {$ne : null}, Msg: "New session",TStamp: { $gte: ISODate("2018-03-19T16:50:20.000Z")}}

Fields: {TStamp:1, Shell:1, UserId:1}

Classic = User Workspace

Swc = Work Center

Srp = Request Center

(6) These can be exported to a .txt file if needed etc..

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David Sheaffe
FYI - I downloaded and tried Robo 3T as an alternative to MongoVue, just out of curiosity. The only difference seemed to be how I... Read More
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Thursday, 22 March 2018 4:04 PM
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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 3:03 PM
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