"Form action definition is out of date" Simple fix

Recently I decided to modify the SSM - Incident Management workflow in my SBM 11.2 instance. I made the changes I wanted in Composer but when I tried to validate I saw all kinds of issues!

Validation Errors

The error was in several form actions and stated “Form action definition is out of date and needs to be upgraded”. I was unable to deploy the process app! I wanted to fix it but how do you upgrade the form action definition? Luckily it was an easy fix.

Double click the error description and open the form action to edit. Next to the form actions that have issues you will see a refresh icon.

Refresh action

Simply click the refresh icon and click "OK" to close the dialog box. Do this for all the form action errors listed in the Validation Results and you should be able to deploy your process app again.

The errors are due to several new changes in form actions in the latest release 11.2. These changes include a change from ‘rule evaluates to true’ to now ‘rule evaluates to true/false’ as well as a change that consolidates form actions which operated on field and on controls into a single one which operates for both.

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