How to save and reuse a partially filled submit form in Work Center - for either an individual or set of users


Since Quick Links and Folders were introduced into Work Center in SBM 11.3, you can now use them to save partially filled submit forms.


This is particularly useful when, as a user or set of users, there are a number of fields that you typically set to be the same at submit time.


The below example demonstrates how to do this for an individual user using Quick Links. If there was a set of Users who wanted to share a partially filled submit form then in (3) you would add to a specific folder and share it with appropriate users.





1) Open the submit form in Work Center


(2) Partially fill the form with your values


(3) Select Actions>Add to folder as shown below







(4) Select the Folder = Quick Links for an individual user



(5) The partially filled submit form with now be available in Work Center via the Quick Link Icon (shown below) and via Folders



(6) Select the Quick link and you will be taken to a partially filled submit form on a user by user basis


Note: You should use default fields instead if you wish to always set a field to a specific value on submit



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