Importing Users via Speadsheet

Need to add several users to SSM?b2ap3_thumbnail_upload-from-excel.jpg

Need to update several users’ info in SSM?

Skipped that typing class a lot in high school?


If you answered yes to any 2 of these, then you’re reading the right post.

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How to Create Build Notification Templates


Dimensions Build includes a notification facility that enables you to send email messages containing information about build events. For example, you can notify users when a build is completed or when a build area is updated.

This post provides quick instructions on how to create build (email) notification templates for Dimensions CM Build. Templates are useful when you want to re-use the same subject and message in multiple notification events.

The overall steps are:

  1. Configure the Notification Server (if not already configured
  2. Create Notification Template
  3. Add Notification Events to the Stream (or Project)
  4. Add Notification Subscribers
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