But it is authorised!!! A quick guide to diagnosing unexpected S047 abends.

Many of us will have come across the S047 abend ("An unauthorized program issued a restricted Supervisor Call (SVC) instruction") that we cannot immediately explain.  We know that our executable library is authorised (or authorized, for those reading in North America).  We have double checked member PROGxx in SYS1.PARMLIB or re-issued our ‘SETPROG APF’ command but this has failed to explain the problem.  Therefore there must be something seriously and fundamentally wrong with the application or the execution environment, yes? 

Well, no.  Usually not, at least.  However, where do we start investigating potential causes of the abend?  Here is a quick checklist to set the wheels in motion.

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Obtaining ISPF foreground dumps from ChangeMan ZMF

Another customer issue that pops up from time to time is the inability to obtain a dump from the CMN ZMF ISPF client.  The actual abends can be unexpected or deliberate and related to issues within the product, environment or customizations.  

So, how can we get something more useful out of ZMF than messages such as “Abend 0C4000 hex occurred processing command 'CMNINIT '.”?   

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ZMF 8.1 – Minimum z/OS Version for ISPF Connection

When preparing for our ZMF 8.1 upgrade we have obviously all checked the Serena Support site – OEM Software Compatibility information here (you need to be logged into the Support website to access this link).  And from this we understand that z/OS 1.12 is the minimum supported operating system. 

However, we all know that we can always fire up ZMF on an earlier z/OS level and it will just about always work, right?  Well, no, that is not the case with ZMF 8.1.  


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2015 ChangeMan ZMF product survey


If you are part of the ChangeMan ZMF community, you may have received the ChangeMan ZMF Product Survey which went out in February of this year. If you were at xChange 2015, or if you’ve been on the last couple of Mainframe VUGs (Virtual User Groups), you have heard Mark Levy and I mention the survey.

During the kickoff session of the Mainframe track at xChange, among other topics such as the product roadmap, product futures and initiatives within R&D, I presented a glimpse of the survey results. The survey was still open so the results weren’t finalized but were consistent and in-line with what we are seeing now that the survey is closed. The results follow.

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Great survey
Friday, 22 May 2015 1:01 AM
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