11.4.1 + Flash Player Question

If I remember correctly, during one of the 11.4 question & answer sessions after a demo, we were told that Flash player was being retired.
Reading the 11.4.1 Installation/Configuration Guide, Chapter 2 page 12 (at bottom), it states that Flash Player will be required on Clients that will access Application Administration.

Is Flash still required??

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Wednesday, September 12 2018, 03:54 PM - #Permalink
Hi Rex,

Looks like a documentation oversight. Flash is not required. We'll get it corrected in the release notes for 11.4.x and update the docs properly in a future release.

Thanks for spotting it!
  • Rex
    more than a month ago
    Thank you for the clarification.
    Also please review Chapter 3 'Single Environment Installation' this chapter reads like a multi server installation, like Chapter 4.
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