I have a request from which I can create multiple sub tasks using sub task transitions. And my parent request will get auto closed when all sub tasks are completed. But the problem is when I try to create first sub task and due some reasons I cancel the submit transition of sub task, then also my parent request is getting auto closed.

My work flow is like this.

Work in progress(state) -> create sub task(sub task transition) -> Pending sub tasks(state) -> Auto close(transition) -> Closed(state).

On Pending sub tasks state, I have put an action to execute auto close transition when all sub task status are completed. (attached screenshot)
But when sub task status is cancelled also this auto close is executing. I need parent request should be in Pending sub tasks state or go back to work in progress state when sub task is cancelled.
Please help me how to achieve this.

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    Tuesday, November 14 2017, 03:21 PM - #Permalink
    I've had similar issues before when the "sub-task" transition is cancelled. What someone suggested to me which works for us is have the workflow setup like the following:

    • From the "Work in progress" state configure the "Create Sub-task" so that instead of transitioning the item to "Pending Sub-tasks" it just does an 'update' on the parent (so it is not moving states)
    • Create a new transition from "Work in progress" to "Pending Sub-tasks" with an action so that it will be triggered when the "Create Subtask" transition is completed.

    With the above change if the user cancels the "Create Sub-task" transition then the parent will still be at "Work in progress".

    Hope that helps.
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