Can't find items through Keyword/ID search Problem


we wanted to make our workflows/projects more modular and as it grew as several huge process apps with multiple workflows etc. we wanted to start dragging them apart by making new process apps and move the items by operating on the database. So far so good the items we moved are being displayed in the reports of the new process app, the fields etc. are as they should be as well, change history is available too. One majore problem is that i can not find those items using the global/local search. Neither by ID nor by keyword.

I adjusted the TS_LASTID Table for the used process app.

Anyone got an idea on what may cause this problem? Did i miss something?

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Monday, September 24 2018, 05:36 PM - #Permalink
My first suggestion would be to re-build the search index to see if that fixes your problem. (As an aside, 'operating' on the database is fraught with danger - and something that is not encouraged by MicroFocus/Serena - but I am sure you are aware of that ;) )
  • Joshua Notheisen
    more than a month ago
    How can one re-build the search index? (yes we are aware of that, and currently it is on backed up test environment)

    Thanks for your response!
  • David Sheaffe
    more than a month ago
    Open SBM Configurator, select "Common Services" and you will see the options for the Work Center serach engine. Hit the "Re-Index" button. Depending on the size of the database, etc it will take a while for a full re-index to occur.
  • Joshua Notheisen
    more than a month ago
    Thanks for your response! It worked out just fine!
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