Composer hangs in 11.0.1 Problem

Has anyone encountered problems with Composer in 11.0.1? I am finding that the first time I try to check out the workflow or a form it will hang so I end up having to kill it in Task Manager. Or occasionally when the first thing I do is look at Data design of a primary table and click on a field it will not show the properties. I appear to be able to check out but it still won't show the properties of any field. I try to close and it appears to let me check in but then will not close. If I just close composer I then have to go into Task Manager and kill it before I can open it again. After that I'm fine for the day! I run composer on my app server, not locally.
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    Wednesday, June 22 2016, 01:45 PM - #Permalink
    Are you stopping and starting your database services at night without stopping the SBM services? I've seen where this might cause issues for the first activity that hits the database. You should be able to backup your databases without stopping the db services.
    • Linda Hurrell
      more than a month ago
      Thanks for the reply Lynn but our system runs 24x7 with only a monthly re-start for patching. This problem only started after we upgraded to 11.0.1 last month.
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