Neil Gill
Neil Gill

I have a process where the originator submits some work items (with associated files). These go through several approval stages where the reviewer can either reject or accept the changes, the former sending the item back to the originator for rework and resubmittal, the latter moves the item on to the next stage. I have been trying for some time (with no success) to create a report that once an item is finished I can get the total elapsed time in each state along with idealy the number of times an item has been rejected and by who.

Also generating a report showing all items by submitter and total elapsed times in each state would earn me lots of brownie points!

Has anyone got any clues on how to achieve this..would be much appreciated


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    Thursday, January 30 2014, 05:29 PM - #Permalink
    To my knowledge, there is no easy way to do this without resorting to scripting.

    Talk to Serena Support about an enhancement request.
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