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A slightly left field query. We are looking at including a string field in one of our apps to include a CRON expression, but part of the "nice to have" functionality with this new field is the ability to validate the expression, as well as display it in human readable format.

I know that there are web sites that are available where you can paste in your expression and it does the above, but am hoping to complete this within SBM. I was sort of hoping that someone might be aware of a javascript file, or an rest api (or something) that might be an option.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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    Wednesday, August 01 2018, 05:18 PM - #Permalink
    You may find this link helpful: Title. I have no actual experience with it.
    • David Sheaffe
      more than a month ago
      Thanks Don. I will have a look at this. I have found similar solutions, now just trying to work out how to parse the CRON schedule from a text field to the js.
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