I have forgot the dmsys password for the Serena Dimensions 9.1. I need to reset the dmsys password. I tried using the command "dmpasswd dmsys -mod". But this is asking my old password which i forgot. I tried to delete the user ID 'dmsys' using "dmpasswd dmsys -del". For this also it is asking for the old password. I'm locked up here. I need to change the dmsys password. Currently my Dimensions is not working due to old password which is expired. Please help in resolving this issue.
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    Tuesday, June 05 2012, 04:32 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Anand,

    A Dimensions user maps to an operating system or LDAP user account. This means that the password has to be changed outside of Dimensions.

    After changing the password on the OS or LDAP level you need to change it in Dimensions. I think this is the step where you are at the moment.

    As you have noticed, there is security in place to prevent people changing the passwords stored by Dimensions in the file registry.dat.

    The only way for you to get around this problem is to rename the file 'registry.dat', located on the server in $DM_ROOT/dfs and to create a new one by adding the user dmsys and all your basedb users with the command dmpasswd.

    Here an example for a fictitious Dimensions server where dmsys is the -user value in the listener.dat, and where users connect to the two base databases cm_typical and intermediate in the Oracle database with SID dim10:

    dmpasswd dmsys -add -pwd

    dmpasswd cm_typical@dim10 -add -pwd

    dmpasswd intermediate@dim10 -add -pwd

    The value in <> will have to be substituted for the true passwords.

    If you need any more information or explanation please contact Support.


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    Tuesday, June 05 2012, 04:40 AM - #Permalink
    If you must reset the dmsys password and you no longer know the old password, you must do the following:

    1) Change the dmsys password in the Operating System on the server of the AD or LDAP as appropriate.

    2) On the Dimensions server, locate the file %DM_ROOT%\dfs\registry.dat. Rename or remove this file (it contains all of the passwords Dimensions requires to run -- all in an encrypted form).

    3) Now when you run dmpasswd, you will not be prompted for the old password and the first time that you run dmpasswd, it will recreate this file.

    Note that you will need to add the following via dmpasswd:


    all of your base databases in the format: @

    for example: qlarius_cm@dim10

    There are other items that may need to be added, for example, if you use an MS SQL database, you may need to add the username that is the database owner. If you are using LDAP, then you may need to use dmpasswd to add the LDAP bind user, etc. If you are using SSL Encrypted Network connections then you will also add the ssl password using dmpasswd (if your listener.dat file contains a line like:

    -sll password $$DMSECURE$$

    then you will need to add the ssl password using dmpasswd.

    Hope the above helps. In most environments, you only have to add the dmsys password and the password for each base database.
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    Tuesday, June 05 2012, 07:28 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Steve and Sam, thank you very much for your prompt response. I'm all set now.

    - Anand
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