Question posted 2/18/09 by Orlando Kelly , tagged Dimensions CM

I may be mistaked but I thought I read somewhere on the serena site that Dimensions can be used with Subversion. is there an intergration path?
We have several java developers who use subversion, we want to use the configuration management features of Dimensions but maybe use Subversion for version management, is this possible?
Orlando Kelly
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    Thursday, January 27 2011, 04:37 PM - #Permalink
    Comment posted 2/20/09 by Alex Shevchenko

    Maybe you've read about Subversion to Dimensions CM migration, which is supposed to be released in 2009 R1...
    I didn't hear about any ways of Subversion integration.
    Regards, Alex.
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    Thursday, February 03 2011, 10:36 AM - #Permalink
    This is an old migrated post that has been assigned status Complete.
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