Email Submit not working Problem

Hi Guys,
I followed the instructions given in app_admin_guide for email submission.

1. Mailbox setup and mappings - configured office email ID since Gmail is not accessible, Mapped project and fields.

2. Configurator settings

Mail Client Tab:-
Protocol - Exchange Server and version is 2007
Service URL -

3. Setup of User with email address is done.
4. Regular transition from Email State to State in Composer.

Item is not submitting to processapp when i send mail from Email address(SBM user mail address) to " Mailbox address"

Going Further when i see ns.log, i came with the error "401 - unauthorized"(Screenshot attached).

i can successfully to execute service url in browser, it generates XML content. but however im not able to submit a item via mail submission.

Can anyone tel me the workaround for it.
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    Monday, March 14 2016, 12:07 PM - #Permalink
    What version of SBM are you running? There was a defect in SBM If this is the version you are running, you may need the hotfix for this. To get it, open a support case and reference DEF242153.

    Other than that, the message is saying that it can't connect to the email server. This is the login/password from the web Application Administrator under Projects > pick the project >Mailbox. Even if you think this information is correct, it might be worthwhile to reenter the password. It shows as **** so it's possible that there is a type here that you cannot see.
    • Vinoth Kumar
      more than a month ago
      Thanks for the reply Vickie ortega, The version is and the reenter password is also same as the provided password.
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    Bean Smith
    Bean Smith
    Monday, January 14 2019, 04:56 AM - #Permalink
    I am using Gmail for the official purpose and it is really the best platform for free email service but from few days I am getting Gmail error 007 but cannot able to understand why such an error is occurring. Can anyone tell me the valid reason and also any suggestion to solve this issue?
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