Facing error in Orchestration workflow


In my application we are using an Orchestration workflow to call a web-service. Recently it started to throw an error message " This transition is not currently valid".

Previously it was working as expected.
Is there a way to check, as what is causing this error message.

Common log viewer message of transition item where error message is encountered,

A Web service was invoked at Service step sbmappservices72_TransitionItem, and now the Orchestration Engine is receiving the following message:


This transition is not currently valid

This transition is not currently valid


Thank you

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    Friday, September 07 2018, 10:27 AM - #Permalink
    You could turn up Active Diagnostics and look in the MongoDB for more information. However, as it looks, I'd guess that the item is not in the state where this transition can fire from, or the transition has been deleted, or the transition has issue-type restrictions that are preventing it from being valid for the item.
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